Easy Exercise Activities for Seniors


    Stretching for the Over-Fifties      Crowd Do you feel stiff when you get up in the morning? If so, join the crowd. As our bodies age, we need to do preventative stretching before and after active workouts. Learning to know your own body and what it needs is important to prevention of injury while engaging in any vigorous activity. Simple stretching exercises come in different forms and are used for different purposes. But all stretching exercises are good for preventing muscle strain and other injury, for reducing muscle pain and stiffness and for increasing flexibility. Dynamic Stretching:  Take Read More

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Raising Grandchildren: The Stressors and the Joys


                  In every part of the developed world, there are increasing numbers of grandparents taking on the care of their grandchildren. Mental health professionals have become increasingly aware of the special needs of these intergenerational families. In Europe the Kinship International Network was established in 2013 to both study and support these families. What are the needs of custodial grandparents? What happens when older adults take on the huge responsibility of raising their grandchildren? What are the problems involved and what are the benefits to both grandparents and grandchildren? The Transition In a Read More

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Senior Exercise. Health and Wellbeing


                Exercises for Seniors: Improve Your Balance One of the frustrations of growing older is losing our sense of balance. And falls are one of the major sources of injury for seniors. Here are some ways to build a better sense of balance using simple exercises. All you’ll need is a straight-backed chair and some smooth, flat-bottomed shoes for safety as you exercise. The Reach Stand beside the chair, holding on to the back with your left hand. Stand on one leg, place the right hand straight forward, then straight out to side Read More

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Kebab Recipes. Cooking with Grandchildren


          Grillin’ with the Grandkids:                      Kebabs of all Kinds You’ll be hosting your grandchildren this summer and kids love to eat! Making kebabs for snacks or for the grill is a great way to get the grandkids involved with cooking the meals. You may have metal skewers on hand or you can buy disposable wooden skewers too. Wetting the wooden skewers can keep food from sticking as you add delectable hunks of fruit, veggies, chicken, shrimp or beef. Fruit Kabobs are ones that can be done independently Read More

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Food and Recipes for Children


 Cooking with the Grandchildren:  Summer High Tea When summer arrives your grandchildren may have time in their schedules for some really spectacular fun. Kids love to cook. You’ve done breakfasts, snacks and holiday treats with them. Why not plan a high tea kid style? You’ll get lots of time with the grandchildren both planning and executing the fancy event. Summer high tea can be planned for a number of different reasons. You may want some one on one time with a granddaughter. You may want to work with your granddaughter to invite a group of her friends for a special Read More

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Something New in Senior Dating

dating sites

           Ask Granny’s list of dating websites for all types and tastes!  Stitch Stitch.net is not your typical senior dating website. Based in San Francisco, but designed by a technology team from Sydney, Australia, Stitch offers seniors companionship. When you sign up for an account there you can choose from connections of all kinds. You might be looking for love and romance, intimacy, just dinner dates or group activities. Maybe you’re looking for travel companions or “just company.” The cost for this service is very reasonable beginning with a free level and moving up to the Read More

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