New Mysteries in March


                From cozy to thriller, the mystery genre remains one of the strongest in fiction. Who doesn’t love to follow the detective, the private investigator, the soldier of fortune as he or she solves the crime? Here are some of the newest releases coming out in March. Cozy Mysteries Choose from John Clement’s newest Dixie Hemingway mystery, The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers, Clive Cussler’s The Assassin, Anne Perry’s The Angel Court Affair or Kate Ellis’ ninth Wesley Peterson mystery, The Death Season. Mystery Sequels You’ll want to read Cold Betrayal by J.A. Vance, and Read More

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Latest Trends in Baby Showers


We grandmas still enjoy attending baby showers for our younger women friends or family members. Occasionally we’re even called upon to give a baby shower. But, honestly, the same old game, gifts and cake agenda can become a bit boring. Here are some newer ideas from Ask Granny and trends in baby showers intended to add a bit of pzazz to the event. Hint: (You’ll love number 8) Baby Shower Trends The gender reveal. The entire shower is planned around revealing the sex of the baby to come. Sometimes ultrasounds are used and other times the gender reveal is incorporated Read More

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Too Old for Exercise? Never!


                                         If just watching youngsters at play makes you tired, you may have begun to believe all the myths about old age and exercise. You’ve heard them: I’m going to get old anyway, why exercise? I need to save my strength for daily life and not waste it on exercise. I might get hurt or fall down. It’s too late; I should have started when I was younger. I’m disabled. I can’t exercise anymore. Do you believe any of the above? I’m Read More

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If it’s time for a bib, go glam!


There comes a point in time when we realize we just don’t eat as neatly as we used to. Whether it’s when you see your toddler grandchildren stay cleaner through the family brunch, or when you pick up your dry cleaning and feel like you should have just bought new clothes for what it cost to clean them. Sometimes a bib just makes sense. And when we reach this point, then we better do it right: classy, elegant, and practical. Who says protection can’t be pretty? That’s where Bea’s Bibs comes in! Bea’s Bibs, originally B’s Glamour Bib, was started Read More

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Seniors: The Benefits of Playing Online Games


            If playing online games is your guilty pleasure, take heart, says Ask Granny. There is ample evidence that playing games of all kinds is healthy for our minds as well as being enjoyable. Word games such as crossword puzzles, hidden object games, Sudoku, puzzles and mazes—all of these help focus attention, build problem-solving skills and improve memory. Here are several articles and websites to give you more information on the benefits of playing online games. Online Games for Seniors Play a variety of games including mind games such as math and matching games, strategy games Read More

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Oscar Party Fare


The Oscar nominees are in and you may enjoy gathering a group of friends to watch the oh so glamorous award program on February 22nd. What can you serve to your guests to make the evening a red carpet affair for them as well? Here are some of Ask Granny’s  tasty recipe ideas to make the evening memorable. Buzzfeed Look for your Oscar party appetizers here. There are many to choose from including pear, walnut and ricotta crostinis, guacamole deviled eggs and roasted edamame with sea salt and cracked pepper. Epicurious Try your hand at some elegant, yet relatively easy entrée Read More

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