Travel with Children


       Strengthen the Bond with Your Grandkids—Attend Summer Camp Together Do you yearn for more one on one time with your grandchildren? Most of us do. But with the fast pace of daily life and the tendency of young people to glue themselves to pieces of technology, it can become difficult to even communicate with them. How about a weekend or a full week of a combination of educational and outdoor fun with just you and your grandkids? It’s possible when you choose from a number of fantastic summer camping experiences designed specifically for grandparents and their grandchildren. These Read More

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Raising Grandchildren


Four Fantastic Gardening Mini-Projects to Do with the Grandkids We grandparents are always looking for ways to spend quality time with our grandchildren. We love those picnics in the park, day trips to the zoo and cooking projects in the kitchen. But now summer is approaching and springtime garden projects are just the thing to do with the grandkids. To children growing things are a bit like magic. One simply puts seeds, those little packages of mystery, into soil and after waiting for a loooong time, as much as two weeks; little plants peek up into the world. You can Read More

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Indoor, Outdoor Activities for Seniors


            Spice Up Your Recipes with an Easy-to-Create Herb Garden There’s nothing better to improve the flavour of your culinary masterpieces than fresh herbs. The added zest is worth the expense, right? What if I told you that it’s easy to grow your own herbs either indoors or out and you can enjoy the benefits of freshly-clipped herbs in your favorite dishes? How? Read on. Indoors If you decide to plant from seeds, you’ll need a lot of patience. Most of us will want to begin with plants already several inches tall. Select containers that fit Read More

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Seniors Spring and Summer Clean-ups


                Organise That Garage! The garage. Maybe you park your car inside it, maybe not. But chances are, if you have one, it’s messy. Maybe you don’t have a garage, but instead you have a shed, storage unit, or basement space that is in the same condition: overfull, disorganized and an eyesore. It nags at you whenever you look at it. It cries “Clean me.” Or maybe a senior citizen friend or family member needs some help in cleaning and organizing their living or storage space. Here are some tips for tacking that Read More

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The Bluffers Guide to Equity Release

equity release

The oldest known existence of modern equity release is well known in the financial adviser circles who practice in this market, and may indeed be as apocryphal as it is well known. The story is that an elderly widow was in need of funds after the end of world war one and sought the advice of a local solicitor. The solicitor offered to buy the property but to allow the widow the live in the property rent free for the rest of her life. He offered much less than the actual worth of her property as he would gain nothing Read More

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Summer Exercise Fun for Seniors


     Summer is coming and along with it long, sunny days beckoning us to get outdoors and move. It’s especially inviting to hop out of bed on a sunny morning and enjoy the out of doors. Begin your exercise activities with a few minutes of stretching to avoid injuries.To begin with, be aware of the special dangers of summer exercise. Summer heat combined with vigorous exercise may be too much of a good thing. Remember: Stay hydrated to control body temperature, protect vital organs and keep the respiratory system efficiently working. Choose to exercise before 10:00 a.m. or after Read More

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