Books for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Books to Support Good Manners. If you’re raising your grandchildren, you’re already in the thick of the battle. Good manners may be “caught” sometimes, but adults also have the responsibility to teach the behaviors we want to our grandchildren to learn. We need to be role models. Once children understand the behaviors expected, it’s wise to skip the verbal reminders and fall back on outside sources to reinforce skills. In other words, children can tune out our reminders and scoldings, but they may respond positively to a story which encourages that same good behavior. Here are some Read More

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Grandchildren. 6 Educational Websites


Screen-time for the Grandkids (Make it Educational). If your grandchildren are like mine, they carry their screens with them at all times. They love their games and their connections to friends. And though it’s wise to limit screen time and shoo them outdoors to play, why not make the most of their motivation? There are great sites online to support all the great learning your grandchildren did last school year. Why not encourage them to spend part of their screen time boning up on skills in reading, math, science and foreign languages? Why not build skills in geography and problem Read More

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8 Tips for Discount Travel


        Start Saving Now for that Vacation of a Lifetime. Does your family dream about a vacation in a glamorous or adventurous part of the world? Are you anticipating a landmark birthday or wedding anniversary? Are you retiring after many years with your nose to the grindstone? Any of the above reasons are enough to spur you on to getting serious about saving money to fund that special vacation. And, if the entire extended family wants to get into the action, all the better. Here are eight tips for saving the money you’ll need to fund the vacation Read More

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Gift Ideas for Grandparents

gifts for grandparents

         A Whole New Batch of Gifts for Grandparents While refrigerator art is still a favourite with grandparents everywhere, you might want to follow up on some of the latest ideas for creating special gifts for special grandparents. If you are the grandparent in question, you might even write these ideas down and use them as “hints” for your next birthday, anniversary or holiday gift. Keeping up with the grandkids is often about seeing photos of them or receiving something they’ve created with their own artwork. We love these items because they remind us of the bond Read More

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Easy Exercise Activities for Seniors


    Stretching for the Over-Fifties      Crowd Do you feel stiff when you get up in the morning? If so, join the crowd. As our bodies age, we need to do preventative stretching before and after active workouts. Learning to know your own body and what it needs is important to prevention of injury while engaging in any vigorous activity. Simple stretching exercises come in different forms and are used for different purposes. But all stretching exercises are good for preventing muscle strain and other injury, for reducing muscle pain and stiffness and for increasing flexibility. Dynamic Stretching:  Take Read More

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Raising Grandchildren: The Stressors and the Joys


                  In every part of the developed world, there are increasing numbers of grandparents taking on the care of their grandchildren. Mental health professionals have become increasingly aware of the special needs of these intergenerational families. In Europe the Kinship International Network was established in 2013 to both study and support these families. What are the needs of custodial grandparents? What happens when older adults take on the huge responsibility of raising their grandchildren? What are the problems involved and what are the benefits to both grandparents and grandchildren? The Transition In a Read More

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