Christmas Movies to Watch with the Grandkids


             Everyone enjoys White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life when the holiday season rolls around each year, but here is Ask Granny’s  choice of  movies to watch with the whole family, including your grandkids. Gather everyone together, pop some popcorn, pass the Christmas cookies and enjoy these quality, fun and heartwarming Christmas movies. A Christmas Story This 1983 film chronicles the ups and downs of the holiday season for Ralphie who just wants a bb gun for Christmas. Played by Peter Billingsley, Ralphie may not have a picture-perfect Christmas, but he goes to sleep Read More

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Eight Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight over the Holidays

diet plan

                       It’s sad, but true that most of us will gain several pounds over the Holiday season. And even worse, we tend not to take those pounds off, staying a bit heavier and adding to the statistics that tell us many adults are overweight. And, we tend to begin celebrating the holiday season at Halloween instead of waiting until a few weeks before Christmas. There will be sweet treats and temptations from now on. You need a healthy plan. Here are  Ask Granny’s eight tips to help you maintain control Read More

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Simple Home Décor for the Christmas Holidays

ATHENNA kalender

Don’t you envy those homemakers who whip up a holiday display with just a flick of the wrist? Well, guess what? You can do that too. Some of the most stunning holiday decorations are either whimsical and cost nearly nothing, or merely require a bit of your time. Take a look at these five websites  Ask Granny has chosen, specialising in simple holiday decorating ideas. Most of them don’t cost much and they’ll make your home feel festive and full of holiday joy, just in time for Christmas! Real Simple: Use saved holiday wrap, cards and winter objects to spruce Read More

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Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Enjoying the Holidays


The holiday season is meant to bring excitement, joy and “magic.” But for children living apart from their parents it can be a stressful time. If you are a grandparent raising a precious grandchild, take some time to evaluate the coming holiday season and be proactive in making your plans. There are reasons that you are the care-giver and no matter what the reasons are, your grandchildren need protection from emotional upheavals. Still, the parents have rights too. They want to see their children; they want to be part of their lives. They want to enjoy those special events such Read More

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Gifts for Grandparents. Spa Gifts for Someone Special


                              Do you have a friend, sweetheart or family member who needs a little pampering? Why not purchase a spa gift and give the gift of rest and relaxation. And the best part is the recipient gets to choose how and where to use the gift, making her own choice of massage, facial, or other spa treatments.  A great idea for a Christmas present too! How do you go about getting this wonderful gift item? In the U.S. Go to Spa Finder and purchase a gift card. Read More

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Gifts for Grandchildren. New Plush Toys for Babies and Toddlers


  Soft, cuddly plush toys are always a welcome and safe gift for the Littles. You’ll find lots of choices from the following, trusted toy providers. Gund Known for top quality, Gund has a wide array of plush toys for toddlers and babies. You might like Fuzzy Bear, 14” tall or Baala Sheep in either 8” or 13” sizes. Doug and Melissa Big Roscoe is a lovable plush dog from Doug and Melissa. He is cream-colored and washable. He also comes in brown. Or you may prefer an English Bulldog or Dachshund in plush. Bunnies by the Bay Toddlers will love Read More

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