Wheelchair Bound? You Can Still Exercise.


           Many seniors find themselves either homebound or wheelchair bound. This limiting condition often makes people feel as if their movement and exercising days are over. But, take heart, Ask Granny says that’s not true! The benefits of exercise are not only for the young. Fitness and improved health is for everyone. The key is to learn how to safely set goals, get more active and then let the fun begin. Did you know that when you exercise your body releases endorphins, the hormones that improve your mood, relieve stress and boost your self-esteem? No doubt Read More

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Latest Food Fads? Which Sugar Substitutes are Safest?


             The latest health food fad may be passé by this time next year. We all know that processed sugar isn’t good for us. But what substitutes are the safest? Here is Ask Granny’s  list of several health food sites documenting the current best information on the safest sugar substitutes available today.(Check with your health professionals for advice before using any of these.) Stevia                                                                Read More

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Cooking with Grandchildren: No Bake Recipe Cookbooks


   Grandparents love feeding their grandkids. Why not get the kids in on the cooking with these cookbooks designed especially for children. Each book has a nice selection of recipes to make with the children and they require no cooking or baking at all. What could be easier? Don’t underestimate the learning that takes place when you cook with children. They begin to understand following directions, they do math when measuring, they learn planning and follow-through and they learn all about the work involved in preparing meals on a daily basis. They’ll even learn about cleaning up after themselves. The Read More

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Seniors Discounts. Never Pay Full Price: Websites for Shopping Coupons and Vouchers.


             With a little research and some careful planning, you can save lots of money when you shop for everything from clothing to household accessories. It takes a bit of practice to know when the discount is worth the time and energy it takes to find the bargains, but you’ll soon be a seasoned couponer. Here are Ask Granny’s lists of great websites in both the UK and the US. You’ll find coupons and vouchers for discounts galore. Mirror, UK This site has a list of twenty-five coupon and discount sites for everything from restaurants, Read More

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Unique and Unusual Birthday Surprises for Your Older Guy


When it’s time for your best guy’s birthday, you’ll be ready with these sites and their special gifts. Lots of them are food and sports related—just right for certain men, but there are some unique and quirky gifts too. Browse through and see what your man might want on his next birthday. Gifts This site is filled with fun items. Beer soap, the jerky of the month club, gourmet cheese collections, an aculite digital weather station and even a kimchi making kit. Great stuff. Mancrates Specially put-together crates of guy stuff. You’ll find personalized barware, grillmaster kits, a crate with Read More

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The Latest on Single Senior Travel


             If you’re a senior and you’re single, you may be hanging around your home or apartment, unwilling to venture out into the travel whirl. Ask Granny has some good news for you. Many travel packages for seniors include helpful arrangements for seniors traveling alone. It is possible to share a room on a cruise ship or in a hotel with an assigned roommate, thus saving the added expense of a singles fee. Most cruises for seniors add activities especially for those who are single. It’s important to know that as women tend to live longer Read More

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