Hot Toddies for the Holidays


     A toddy, usually served hot, is the name for any drink with distilled spirits, a sweetener plus water. There is quite a range of recipes for toddies as you’ll find when you scroll through some of the recipes below. Toddies may use whiskey, run, gin or brandy and some add liqueurs. They have been known to be used as an antidote to the common head cold, but many just enjoy a warm drink on a freezing cold night. A Toddy Collection In this collection of hot toddy recipes you’ll find several tea-based recipes. One uses chamomile and another Read More

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Five Classic Christmas Movies for the Grown-ups


We grandparents know all about the Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Charlie Brown and his pathetic little tree. But what we really enjoy is a good old-fashioned holiday movie from days gone by. We never tire of George Bailey and his story of a wonderful life or that Macy’s Santa, Kris Kringle, who can’t prove he’s the real deal. Here is a listing of five classic holiday movies and some of their events. Don’t miss them this Christmas. The Shop Around the Corner, 1940 This wonderful movie starred Margaret Sullavan and Jimmie Stewart in a story about secret pen pals Read More

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Do a Good Deed This Christmas


          Many families have a tradition of giving to the less fortunate during the Holidays. Why not make this your family’s tradition? Teach the younger generations how satisfying it is to share from an abundance to help those without hope. Here are three great opportunities to make a difference. Kiva makes it possible for you to make a loan to a needy individual who is operating a small business. The money might be used to purchase livestock or feed, sewing materials, pay for school fees or help a small store keep inventory on their shelves. As Read More

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Last-minute Christmas Gifts for Guys and Gals


December days have a way of evaporating as we hustle to prepare for Christmas giving. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for the men in your lives, take a look at the sites below. There is a wide variety of unique gifts, many of them costing surprisingly little. You’ll find fifteen gifts on this list and your men will be glad to get them. Try the “where I’ve been” scratch travel map, the beer tasting glass ensemble, or a subscription to GQ. Last For those living in the UK, try these gift experiences gifts. They include Read More

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Things You Need to Know About Medical Negligence: Facts and Figures


Physicians are believed to be one of the most knowledgeable and highly skilled constituents of society, with sound judgment. It takes long years of training and continuous studies to be competent in the field of medicine. However, they are still human and human make mistakes. Mistakes are done everyday, large or small, insignificant or life changing. For doctors, an act of medical negligence, a misjudgment or maltreatment that causes injury or even death to a patient during treatment or aftercare can cost them their reputation and a lot of money. In most medical malpractice cases, an error in diagnosis, medication Read More

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Four Ways to Share the Love with Seniors, Christmas 2014


Our elderly family members and friends can be a hard lot to buy gifts for. What do they really need? Well, what they need most is to know they are still valued and cherished members of this hectic, busy world. Seniors enjoy gifts as much as younger folks, but they may tire of the hand lotions and boxes of candy they so often receive. Many seniors have dietary restrictions and stockpiles of generic gifts from past holidays. Why not give them something special? Here are four ideas to engage and care for seniors in ways that say “You are loved Read More

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