Grandparents Internet Guide. Boundaries: When Should Grandparents Say “No”


           Who doesn’t love their grandchildren? When those new babies come home all bundled up we just can’t wait to hold them and play with them. We look forward to holidays and birthdays for the sole pleasure of delighting them with gifts. We marvel at their change and growth over time as they grow up to be fine young adults. We treasure our grandchildren. So why is it that when we’re called on to care for our grandchildren we sometimes find ourselves with mixed feelings? Can there be too much of a good thing? Maybe so. The Read More

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Recipes for Seniors. Hot Drinks for Crisp Fall Days


             Yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees, a nip to the morning air and pumpkins on the vine: yes, it’s fall. After a brisk walk on a lovely fall day, you might enjoy a nice, warm drink with some of your senior friends. Here are some seasonal recipe choices. They’re good enough to share with guests. Apple Pie Spiced Cider: In a saucepan mix your apple cider with brown sugar and apple pie spices—allspice, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. Add a dash of salt. Heat on medium heat. Serve with or without brandy and add Read More

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Travel for Seniors. New Trend in Cruising: Highest High Tech


              Royal Caribbean is raising the bar in cruising with its newest ship, the Quantum of the Seas. This ship, booking its first voyage in early November, will take 4,000 plus passengers on the tech cruise of a lifetime. Every passenger will have access to 24/7 wi fi capable of streaming video and allowing passengers to play online games. Interior staterooms will boast 80 inch LCD screens and every passenger will wear a radio frequency identification wristband which will allow them to board ship, enter their cabins, purchase drinks onboard and purchase items in shops Read More

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Grandparents Online: Cyber Seniors: A Whole New World


              There is a move afoot to team teen-agers with senior citizens to bring the seniors into the modern world of computers. These kind-hearted teen mentors take it upon themselves to train seniors who would like to become cyber-savvy to use such online tools as e-mail, Facebook and Skype. Watch the documentary entitled Cyber-Seniors to see how the teens went about bringing these wonderful senior citizens into the challenging world of the computer. The six senior citizens in the video quickly became computer savvy and were able to venture into making their own you-tube videos. Read More

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Do It Yourself Presents to Make with the Grandkids


                         Yes, there are still many shopping days until Christmas, but if you want to have some fun with the grandkids making gifts for their parents, now is the time to plan and shop. Kids love to make gifts and they’ll also enjoy the time with you as you create together. See which of  Ask Granny’s homemade gift ideas tickle your fancy. Bath Salts Recipe This project can be done in only thirty minutes. It requires a clean jar or bottle, Epsom salts, food colouring and perfume or essential oils. Read More

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Knee Replacement: Exercise is the Key to Successful Healing


If you’re planning on a knee replacement surgery or if you’ve recently had one, your health care professionals have already clued you in to the best way to a good outcome—faithful exercise. While knee replacements are becoming more and more routine, the results for individuals can vary widely. The most common problem in gaining back strength, flexibility and comfortable use of the knee, is the commitment made by the patient to follow rehabilitation programs faithfully.  Ask Granny has some tips on how to increase your odds for a great recovery: Take the operation and the follow-up rehabilitation seriously. Keep your Read More

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