Grandparenting Special Needs Children

special needs children

It is never easy to deal with the stress and disappointment of a baby born with handicapping conditions, and it is especially hard if the child is our own grandchild. Whether the special circumstance is mild or severe, we may find ourselves longing for the joy of the “normal.” However, it is vital that we come to grips with the situation as it is, and find ways to work through the disappointing circumstances. We can grow along with our children who have to learn to parent this new child, usually without any prior preparation for the challenges. This is a Read More

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Grandparents, It’s Back to School Time and You Can Help

back to school 1

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. Your grandchildren are being bombarded by back to school advertising. Their parents are both thrilled to get back into a predictable school schedule and are hanging on to their wallets as they contemplate how to purchase all the clothing and school supplies required. Grandparents, you’re not made of money, but you probably would like to help ease the burden of back to school expenses. Here are a few ways you can help. Financially I just mailed a check to my daughter to help her buy school clothes and supplies. My Read More

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Health and Wellbeing: Mental Health

mental health problems

       The Three D’s of Senior Mental Health Problems and Why They Go Undiagnosed. Good mental health is of utmost importance to people of all ages, but health professionals are putting out the word that many mental health problems in those over 55 years of age are going undiagnosed as much as one third of the time. Why would our aging population find it so difficult to be correctly diagnosed when we visit our doctors and what can be done when seniors need mental health care? The National Institute of Mental Health in the US says that 20% Read More

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Dance for Fun, Dance for Health

seniors dancing

    Many seniors have discovered that although they may not enjoy traditional aerobic exercise or the impact of jogging around the neighbourhood, they absolutely love dancing! Get the music going and let your body relax and move, and you forget all about the calories being burned, you’re just having fun.  There is a tremendous range of dancing choices available to seniors today whether the purpose is for staying connected to others and enjoying life or it’s a way to regain some enthusiasm for life and regenerate body and mind. You might choose country line dancing or square dancing. Maybe you Read More

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Build Your Grandparent/Grandchild Relationship with Special Projects


    If your grandchildren are school age or older, you might find it increasingly difficult to share quality time and experiences with them. They have busy school and extra-curricular schedules; they have friends to hang out with and a million other activities that keep your time with them to a minimum. And, you may fear that the close relationship you once had with them as babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers is getting lost in the shuffle. Add to that your own schedule and responsibilities and perhaps a slowing down of energy and… What to do? How about considering a special project Read More

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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

letter writing

                       I went to the mailbox today. It isn’t much fun going there anymore. Why, you ask? Well, because I got an ad, a stock report, a newsletter from the school district and a mailer for someone who used to live at this address. No letters for me. Nothing personal just for me. Do you remember letters? Before Christmas letters that brag about each member of the family, people used to actually talk to one another via letters. Letters could be from family or friends, but they told more than Read More

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