Do It Yourself Presents to Make with the Grandkids


                         Yes, there are still many shopping days until Christmas, but if you want to have some fun with the grandkids making gifts for their parents, now is the time to plan and shop. Kids love to make gifts and they’ll also enjoy the time with you as you create together. See which of  Ask Granny’s homemade gift ideas tickle your fancy. Bath Salts Recipe This project can be done in only thirty minutes. It requires a clean jar or bottle, Epsom salts, food colouring and perfume or essential oils. Read More

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Knee Replacement: Exercise is the Key to Successful Healing


If you’re planning on a knee replacement surgery or if you’ve recently had one, your health care professionals have already clued you in to the best way to a good outcome—faithful exercise. While knee replacements are becoming more and more routine, the results for individuals can vary widely. The most common problem in gaining back strength, flexibility and comfortable use of the knee, is the commitment made by the patient to follow rehabilitation programs faithfully.  Ask Granny has some tips on how to increase your odds for a great recovery: Take the operation and the follow-up rehabilitation seriously. Keep your Read More

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Hip Replacement: Resources to Hasten Healing


                       Many of you have asked Ask Granny for tips on how to recover well after your hip replacement surgery. Ask Granny has recovered very well after her recent hip operation and knows you’ll be looking forward to greater mobility and less pain. And, if all goes well, you’ll reach that happy state. But first, you need to go through a rehabilitation program which involves some work in the form of walking and exercise. It’s extremely important to take this exercise regimen seriously and do it faithfully. Be an active participant Read More

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Grandparents Online. Sponsor and Support: How to Find Reputable Non-profits


Virtually every day of the week we see a new disaster in the news. Earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and mudslides, war causing evacuations and human misery in each situation. It breaks our hearts and causes us to ask, “How can I help?” There are hundreds of reputable aid organizations. Often they specialize in the kinds of care and support they give. They may chiefly support feeding and health programs or they may build homes or focus on clean-up after disasters. When major disasters affect an area, the people need a variety of help from short-term to long. Finding ways to give Read More

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Five Gifts for Grandparents: New Games for Your Next Party


When good friends gather for a fun evening, they love to laugh together. What could be more enjoyable than a new, interesting and funny game? Here are some welcome changes from the old standbys: Monopoly, Pictionary and traditional card games. Why Did the Chicken? This paper and pencil game is for four to eight players. Your creative friends will think up funny answers to riddles. A judge will choose the best answers. Who can rack up the most points in this forty-five minute game?  What Were You Thinking? This game for four or more is sure to generate laughter. Players Read More

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Grandparents Online – More Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren


 In both the U.S. and UK there are thousands of grandparents raising their grandchildren. The ages of the grandparents are generally 55 and over, and in the U.S. one quarter of the grandparents taking on this huge responsibility are over 65.   The reasons for children being raised in the home of their grandparents are varied: parent drug and alcohol use, mental illness, parents serving jail time, poverty, divorce, abuse or neglect and even military deployment can require grandparents to step in to care for the children. Understandably, many grandparents taking on the task of raising children in their elder Read More

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