Weight Bearing Exercise for Seniors

senior yoga

          Weight bearing exercise is any exercise in which you support your own body. It can also be exercise in which you lift weights of various sizes. Weight bearing exercise, also known as strength training or resistance training is essential to maintaining healthy bones and muscles as we age. Walking is a great weight bearing exercise. It requires no equipment and helps reduce risk of diabetes, strengthens muscles, improves cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and helps one lose weight. Tai Chi is a slow, meditative movement routine which helps maintain strength, balance and soothes the nerves. Yoga Read More

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Have Some Fun: Throw a Themed Party


                                                Every once in a while, we seniors just need to let our hair down and have some fun. Why not gather friends and neighbours and throw a themed party. Summer is a great time to get together in back gardens and decks, enjoy good food and drink, lively conversations and listen to great music. Each of the follow themes lend themselves to costumes, particular playlists and even recipes to follow the theme. Here are some choices Read More

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Once in a Lifetime Travel with the Grandchildren


Intergenerational travel has become so popular that major travel agencies are planning package trips for just that purpose. Sometimes the whole clan–grandparents, parents and grandkids are included, but just as often grandparents team up with their grandchildren for a fabulous, memory-making trip of a lifetime.   Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventure or indoor tours of art museums, historical sites or breathtaking scenery, you’ll find a huge choice of trips and a wide variety of expenses. Most travel agencies can help you plan your trip, but there are agencies now that will pre-plan fabulous tours to save you the time Read More

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Cooking with the Grands: Frozen Ice Pops


                It’s fun to cook with the grandchildren, and even more fun eating the projects. Here are some frozen treat recipes that can be whipped up in minutes, frozen for several hours or overnight for tasty and healthy sweet treats on warm days. You’ll need to invest in an ice pop mold. These can be found in any kitchen section of a department or grocery store. The Norpro ice pop mold is the Cadillac of those available. It costs a bit more, but makes a quality product and is virtually indestructible. To make ice Read More

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Safety Precautions for Senior Day Hikers


 Those of us old enough to quality for senior discounts live in a wonderful time. We expect to stay healthy into our seventies, eighties and even our nineties. We exercise and eat properly, and stay as active as we can.   We look for ways to enjoy the out of doors. Going on day hikes is one way to explore nature while avoiding the stress and dangers of more strenuous backpacking.   You may find that your local senior centers schedule regular outings such as day hikes in the summer months. These are usually carefully planned as to distance and Read More

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Fire up the grill: It’s Summertime


   It’s summertime and the grillmaster in your home is just itching to do his stuff. So here’s your chance to plan some summer barbecue menus and enjoy the savory flavors of the season and cooking with children and  grandchildren! Beef: If it’s beef you favor, try some of the following recipes: T-bone steaks, cheeseburgers, Texas-style beef brisket or shredded beef on a bun. And there are a lot more to choose from. Pork: Barbecued pork recipes are tender and delicious. Here are a few you’ll love: Adam’s ribs, grilled honey garlic pork chops, baby back ribs, or honey grilled Read More

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