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Fun New Card Games for Kids of All Ages

We grandparents are always looking for ways to interact with the grandkids. You’ve probably tried Old Maid and Go Fish and other familiar card games with your grandkids. But you most likely haven’t played the assortment of new games listed below.

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be looking for the perfect gift for Christmas or for some fun activities to do when the whole family comes together. You’re bound to find something in the list below to add fun and laughter to your gathering.

Nut Nut Squirrel

This game is for ages three to five plus all the older folks who want to play with them. It is a simple game in which each player has a stack of cards which they turn over when it is their turn. Flip a card over, but don’t let that sneaky squirrel steal your stash of nuts! This is a mild-mannered game for beginning players.

Woodland Happy Families Card Game

The illustrations on the cards of Woodland Happy Families are reminiscent of Beatrix Potter. They are gorgeous. Meet Mr. Shrew and Miss Rabbit, Miss Mouse and Mr. Frog. Match a set of your favorite woodland creatures as you play the game. Best played by those five and over.

Taco vs. Burrito

This super-cool game was invented by a seven year old boy named Alex. Alex is cheerfully raking in the money as this game is enjoyed by all. Meant for two to four players, each player gets five cards and tries to build a tasty meal. But beware of the action cards that can bring surprises. Each game takes ten to fifteen minutes to play. You just might end up in a food fight!

Get That Pirate’s Booty

This game is for two to six players and for ages eight and up. Who will be the best pirate? You’ll try to collect three sets of four treasures or collect all four pirate ships to win this game. Each round takes from ten to thirty minutes to play. Ahoy maties.

Happy Salmon Card Game

This game from North Star will get the whole family moving. It’s meant for three to six players who stand around a table. The game can be played with audible requests or silently with hand signals. There are six decks of cards and each player has their own set of twelve. There are five basic motions that must be acted out before the player can move on to his next card. Each motion must be shared with another player. For example a high five is the usual touching of hands, while the switcheroo requires two players to change places. The winner is the person who is able to get through all twelve cards first. There will be lots of laughter as you play this one.

Goat Lords by Gatwick Games

This game is meant for tweens, teens and adults and for two to four players. The goal is to build your own personal goat herd by matching pairs of goats. But there’s more. You can become Lord of the Goats by strategically using the action cards which may bring in a little magic, or cause mayhem. And…. There may be duels. Beware of the atomic goat!