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Zia Mirella’s Potato Gateau

Ingredients: 1kg potatoes A medium size mozzarella…
Poached Egg Snacks

Zia Mirella’s Poached Egg Snacks

A suggestion from Zia Mirella – make lots of this basic sauce and store in your freezer as many of  Zia Mirella’s recipes use this sauce...
Country Omelette

Zia Mirella’s Country Omelette Bites

Zia Mirella felt that sometimes a vegetarian meal is very healthy This is a delightful dish to serve as a first course or even as a main course instead of meat.
zucchini omelette

Zia Mirella’s Zucchini Omelette

 As an alternative, Zia Mirella suggests  adding  some finely chopped onion and tomato with the zucchinis...

Zia Mirella’s Omelette Slices with Tomato Sauce

This is a light egg dish, an alternative to meat. Serve it with vegetables of your choice or a nice salad...

Zia Mirella’s Potato Omelette

Zia Mirella  suggests adding an extra egg per person up to a maximum of 6 eggs otherwise you will need to increase the quantity of potatoes...
boiled egg salad

Zia Mirella’s Hard Boiled Egg Salad

A hint from Zia Mirella – put a sewing pin or something metal in the water when you are boiling the eggs – it stops them cracking...
veal scaloppine

Zia Mirella’s Veal Scaloppine with Marsala

This is one of Zia Mirella’s recipes that needs to be cooked and eaten on the spot as it is delicious served straight from the frying pan.
All about herbs

Enhance Your Home Cooking with Homegrown Herbs

Nothing adds taste to our homemade dishes better than herbs. And if they’re fresh, their effect is even tastier...

Zia Mirella’s Asparagus and Tuna Roll

Serve the roll as a light lunch with a separate bowl with some mayonnaise. This is another of Zia Mirella’s recipes that can be made beforehand...
italian country omelette

Zia Mirella’s Italian Country Omelette

Serve this omelette as a main course with a nice  salad. It is also delicious cold...
homemade plum tart

Zia Mirella’s Homemade Plum Tart

An Ideal summer dessert. Zia Mirella says that you make the same tart using peaches, apricots or cherries...
stuffed tomatoes

Zia Mirella’s Stuffed Tomatoes

A suggestion from Zia Mirella – if you have guests or your family don’t like garlic you can leave it out. The dish is just as delicious...
Homemade tuna fish cakes

Zia Mirella’s Tuna Fish Cakes

These tuna fish cakes are delicious served with a simple tomato salad. Also great to take on picnics on hot summer days

Zia Mirella’s Butterfly Pasta with Scampi and Herbs

One of Zia Mirella's delicious recipes from her exclusive collection of Italian recipes suitable for all the family...