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Four Fresh Strawberry Recipes

In our neck of the woods strawberries are ripening every day. The fields yield fresh red beauties that just beg to be eaten. Grab the grandkids, pick or purchase some strawberries and you’ll be ready for these four recipes for various parts of your early summer meals.  Heavenly Filled Strawberries  Ingredients: 36 large fresh strawberries […]

Traditional Holiday Drinks: Eggnog Plus

Nothing brings in Holiday Cheer like a foamy, creamy eggnog drink. Whether it’s alcoholic or non, the taste and satisfaction is undeniable. Here are some basic eggnog recipes and variations to add the yum factor to your holiday get-togethers.     Whattodrink.com offers the basic eggnog recipe made with sugar, eggs, cream, brandy, rum, vanilla […]

Seniors: Grieving the Loss of a Friend or Spouse

In the past two years I’ve lost three good friends to various ailments. Two died of sudden heart attacks and the third from a long battle with cancer. One of the friends was only fifty-eight years old. I wasn’t prepared to say good-bye. And, when I attended my fiftieth high school reunion a few months […]

A Very Special Occasion: Summer Tea

Our European readers are quite familiar with all the variations of a perfect tea, but perhaps American readers would enjoy a look at some websites offering hints on how to put together such a stunning event. To begin, learn how to brew a perfect pot of tea. Then begin to plan your menu including a […]

New Baby, Designer Gifts

That certain newborn is on our minds. And maybe you have a newborn in your circle of friends and family. What fun to shop at upscale baby websites and look for that one spectacular present for a child or a gift for a grandchild. Here are three websites to get your shopping spree started.   […]