kids on screens

Promote Learning: Support Your Grandchildren’s Passions

Find ways to support the things grandkids love the most.
summer book club

Summer Book Clubs with Your Grandkids

The reading of books will always benefit children
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Stuck at Home? What to Do When the Grandkids Say, “I’m Bored.”

It’s very possible that we may find ourselves confined to our homes in the coming weeks and months due to the spread of Coronavirus...
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Wonder-filled Science Websites for Your Grandkids

                               One of the…

Support Your Grandchild’s Creativity: Arts and Crafts Projects

I can already hear you saying, “But I don’t have an artistic…
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Best Sites for Your Science-minded Grandkids

STEM-savvy Grandparents:  Best Sites for Your Science-minded…
Fall Crafts to Engage Those Tween-age Grandkids

Crafts to Engage Those Tween-age Grandkids

It’s relatively easy to keep preschool and primary school age…
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Ten Hobbies You Can Do with Your Grandchildren

All grandparents want to have lasting relationships with their…
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12 Useful Websites for Children with Special Needs

This very interesting and useful feature was sent to…