gifts for boys

Best Gift Ideas for Grandsons

When you think of gifts for boys, we no longer have to make them blue and all about sports. Guys these days want to try everything from woodworking to cooking, and from crafts to technology. But if you know your grandson well, you’ll know the things he loves.

Some boys love to follow certain sporting teams. Others have an interest in science and experiments. Still others are into art or music or….. you name it. The key is to connect with something your grandson loves, or perhaps, introduce him to something new.

Parents are a great source of information as you shop. But don’t forget to ask your grandson directly about the things he loves, what he thinks about, what he hopes to accomplish someday and so forth. His answers will put you on the right path when it comes to buying gifts for him.

Gifts for Tots to School-aged Boys

  • Personalized onesies
  • Mobiles
  • Blocks
  • Booties
  • Grow charts
  • Plush toys
  • Music boxes 
  • Board Books
  • Pajamas
  • Night Lights

Gifts for School-aged to Tween Boys

  • Food Items (gum, candy, snacks)
  • Puzzles and games
  • Craft items and projects
  • Cooking Kits
  • Science Kits
  • Maps
  • Lessons in dance, music, art or drama
  • Model-building Kits
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Books

Gifts for Teen-aged Boys

  • Wrist bands or watches
  • Personalized items relating to a favorite sporting team
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Lessons in art, music, dance or drama
  • Tablets or other technology devices
  • Personalized bedding related to a favorite team or subject
  • Clothing
  • Gift certificates
  • Books

I’ve included books at every age level because there is a world of knowledge in them. Whether you choose fiction or non-fiction, there is a perfect book for your grandson. So do a bit of sleuthing about his interests and search out that “just-right” gift for his next birthday or special event.