Ask Granny’s Gift Ideas for Children

      Christmas Toys 2015, to Snap Up Before They’re Sold Out This Year!

I know it’s still a long time until Christmas, but word has it that some of the toys your grandchildren will want this year are most likely going to sell out quickly. It’s time to have a few conversations about “what do you want for Christmas this year.” My guess is they’re already making their lists and one or more of the following toys will be on it. So whether you’re looking for traditional toys or the newest thing, check out Ask Granny’s  list. They’re likely to sell out fast.

VTech Smart Watch

This wearable technology geared for the 4-7 crowd is a hot item. It comes in several colors and operates by a touchscreen. It can record voices, take photos and videos, has a number of choices for the digital or traditional clock face and comes with four learning games.

Peanuts Movie’s Happy Dance Snoopy

Peanuts characters are popular this year since the movie is showing in November. This plush twelve inch high toy dances to the classic Peanuts theme music and reacts when kissed on the nose with laughter, kisses or a variety of sounds. For ages 3-8, batteries included.

Playmation Wearable Gear

Your grandchild can bring his or her favorite Star Wars or Marvel superhero to life when going on a Playmation mission. These wearable toys come with projectors and wireless technology that create a new real-life action game.

Star Wars Stuff

Everyone is waiting for the December Star Wars movie and Star Wars paraphernalia abounds. There are costumes and action figures, toys of all kinds, collectibles, stickers, you name it. The Disney Store is just one place to shop for these hot gift items.

Shopkins Vinyl Collectibles

Season Three of the Shopkins collectibles is here. Girls who are avid collectors will want this new twelve pack with two hidden characters, four shopping bags and one basket. This set includes a collector’s guide. These promise to sell out quickly.

Girl Scout Cookie Oven

Today’s answer to the old Easy Bake oven, this one really, truly turns out Girl Scout cookies. The oven comes with a spatula and baking sheet plus a mix to make thin mint cookies. Baking time is only fifteen minutes. Other mixes available. Peek through oven door allows bakers to watch their cookies as they bake.

Minion Toys

Minion plush toys and all kinds of minion play items are popular this year. Action figures and the Minion Mobile are popular choices and there is also Minion bedding.

Imaginext T Rex

This fantastic dinosaur comes with three power pads to bring him to life. He walks, opens and closes his mouth and has several sound effects including a roar. His spikes and eyes light up and he comes with a boulder launcher, a jail and trap door, plus three action figures.

The Clever Keet

Adopt a clever keet. He comes with his own playground and cart to ride. He records and repeats messages. He can talk and answer your questions. Almost like having a real bird pet.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Boys love their hot wheels and they’ll really love this garage able to store thirty-six collectible cars. Includes a tune-up shop and a gas station. Ample room to play with the cars and then re-park them.