Children’s Games 2014. Best Digital Math Games for the Grandkids

       math      You can count on the fact that your grandkids love video games. They love the superheroes, the adventures and the challenge to reach new levels of play. Why not add an educational video game to this year’s Christmas list? Here are math games and activities for all ages and they’ve been ranked as winners by media professionals. Get those number skills going and watch the grandkids have a great time too.

For 3-4 year olds

Tally Tots is a downloadable app that teaches toddlers to count from one to twenty. When the child counts along with the app, he receives visual rewards such as a racecar driving a lap in his honor.

Dora’s Cooking Club is a well-designed math game for pre-schoolers up through Kindergarteners. While cooking simple meals the child is engaged in using numbers and  counting skills.

Elmo Loves 123 is another numbers game designed to teach the recognition and counting skills of numbers one through twenty.

For 5-7 year olds

Monkey Tales: The Princess of Sundara: This math game offers logic puzzles and math mini-games to lead the players on great adventures. This game is the first in a series.

Monkey Tales: The Museum of Anything offers math puzzles and games designed for third graders. Can players defeat the dinosaur that has taken over the museum?

Motion Math: Zoom is a game designed to solve problems using a number line. The games begin at the very easy level 1 and continue in difficulty to level 18.

Reflex: Math Fact Fluency develops skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Children will improve in accuracy and speed over time.

Math Ninja is a very popular set of math games in all four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For 8-12 year olds

Monkey Tales: The Abbey of Aviath is a group of math puzzles and activities for fourth graders. The games are meant to reinforce basic math skills learned at this level.

Monkey Tales: The Castle of Draconian is a series of math games meant to reinforce fifth grade mathematics skills.

Mathmateer is a challenging game that allows each player to build a rocket and launch it into space. There are fifty-six math missions to accomplish.

Monkey Tales: The Valley of the Jackal provides logic and math strategy games at the sixth grade level.

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