Christmas Gifts for Your 4-7 Year-olds

            7079C66479CA46F3F60C73AC5A26BD21          Toys and games are better gifts when they provide some educational value as well as sheer fun.

Here are Ask Granny’s  six gift ideas to buy for your early learners this Christmas, guaranteed to provide hours of learning fun.

Electronic Dance Playmat

Kids love following the lead on this 3’ X 3’ playmat. They’ll follow the lights and move to the rhythm of the music. It comes with five different songs and has three levels of difficulty. Requires 3 AA batteries.

My First Laptop Trainer

Lights, pictures, sounds and music engage little learners in learning nursery rhymes, letters, numbers, colors and animals. It operates in both discovery mode and quiz mode. Great training for real keyboard use.

Crayola Electronic Coloring Tablet

This Oppenheimer Gold Winner is like finger painting without the mess. Kids create multi-sensory artwork with colors, lights and music. Draw on the gel surface with a sturdy stylus. Choose from six colors and tunes.

Base Station Triple Walkie Talkies

The base station comes with two pocket-sized walkie talkies that can communicate up to a 240 foot range. Comes with an antenna and belt clips plus a morse code button. Uses 3  9 volt batteries.

Video Star Karaoke

Young performers can watch themselves in real time on TV. Comes with popular songs, lights that flash to the beat and the option to sing their own songs. Includes a camera, microphone and A/V cable for television connection.

Tetris Link Game

This multiple award winning game is an unplugged version of the popular tetris game. Kids will develop strategic and spatial thinking skills in this upright game for two.

 You will find these and hundreds of other educational games in all the best toys stores, including Young Explorers, and at Amazon’s best sellers.