Gifts Ideas for Kids. Five Classic Toys That Will Still Impress the Grandkids

  Matchbox-Cars-Heavy-Traffic-300x225There is a reason a toy becomes a classic. Either it is extremely well-designed and durable, or it captures the child’s imagination in a unique way that stands the test of time.

As the holiday season is just around the corner, now is the time to do a little toy research and see if one of these classics will delight your grandchildren.

While some classic toys are available in toy and department stores, others will take a little “sleuthing” in antique shops or your local junk shops. In fact, you may find real toy bargains in your local recycle stores, because classic toys tend to be sturdy. Just clean them up a bit and you’re in business.

Here they are:

Radio Flyer Wagon: Radio flyer wagons are readily available on today’s market. They are not inexpensive, but come in a variety of styles and some are on a “build your own” basis. You may be lucky in your second-hand shopping to find an original one and give it a new coat of red paint.

View Master: The old heavy plastic viewmasters and reels are still available in old toy stores and from private collections. There are many newer versions of this classic, stereoscopic toy. Kids love them for the clear 3D pictures. They can be both entertaining and educational.

Mr. Potato Head: The classic Mr. Potato Head toys required manual dexterity and were used in creative dramatic play. Kids love to put them together and then bring them to life as characters in their stories. Both classic and new versions are available.

Erector Sets: The longest-running brand in toy history, the Erector Set was designed by A.C. Gilbert in 1913. The products have evolved over time, and still promise design fun for both boys and girls.

Matchbox Cars: Kids love to play with small toys. Miniature cars with great designs and bright colours are always favourites.