decorating childs room

Spruce up Your Grandkids’ Bedrooms


Want to have some fun? Get permission from your children to help spruce up your grandchild’s bedroom. Spend a little time dreaming with your grandchild about his or her perfect room and then make some plans. It’s a bedroom makeover!

Kids’ bedrooms are often a messy hodgepodge of toys, clothing, books and half-eaten snacks. You can help inspire a special hideaway for play, study, and a place to “be” that will become your grandchild’s sanctuary.

Durable, not Fancy Furniture

Wayfair has a stunning array of choices in children’s bedroom furniture. Check out their popular high sleeper beds which offer a fun bunk bed plus lots of space beneath the beds for storage or a unique study or play area.

For some fun choices in personalized chairs check out Crate and Barrel Children’s furniture. They also offer a wide selection of dressers, end tables, beds and more.


Inexpensive and super-useful, you’ll love Maginels children’s wardrobe units. Brightly colored and kid-friendly these units solve your clothing and toy storage problems.

Colorful kids’ mini-lockers are available from They’re a cute addition to a child or teen’s bedroom.

Ways to Create Special Areas


Think about what your grandchild loves right now. Is it princesses, dinosaurs or a certain movie character? Then think ahead three or five or seven years. Make a design plan that can incorporate what is loved now, but also look ahead a few years when that favorite thing may change. The key thematic pieces should be the accents that can be easily replaced with something new.

Check out thirty-six different themes for kids’ bedrooms at You may select just one idea to add to your plan that will make all the difference in the fun quotient.

Here are some more bedroom ideas from From simple to ornate, you’ll find something your grandchild loves.



Find fun kids’ bedding at The Company Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Children’s Bedding Direct.


Tents make perfect reading and play areas in a child’s bedroom and don’t have to take up much space. Check out the tents at Wayfair.


Area carpets are a great way to brighten up a bedroom and there are so many choices. Go to Kid Carpet or Wayfair to browse.

Other Accessories

To find those perfect finishing touches for your bedroom makeover consider looking for pillows, chairs, wall hangings, curtains and lighting pieces. Try IKEA.

Planning this bedroom makeover will mean lots of quality time with your grandchild, and lots of fun hours together enjoying the final result.