Thanksgiving Printable Fun for the Grandkids

If your grandchildren are going over the river and through the woods to come to your house, you’ll want something to keep them busy. Why not stock up on Thanksgiving printable fun pages to give them hours of fun? There are the usual colouring pages which are always a treat for children, but there is so much more. Take a look:


DLTK Holidays has a whole array of Thanksgiving ideas for you. You’ll find games such as Thanksgiving Bingo and Memory Cards, calendars, chore charts, bookmarks, greeting cards and even jigsaw puzzles.


Spoonful has some inventive items, many of which will help to brighten up the Thanksgiving dinner table. Make napkin holders, a guest list, placemats and a colorful basket for a centerpiece. You can also print activity books and color pages.


Thanksgiving Printables has ten more fun-filled pages for the grandkids. You’ll find word mazes, puzzles, facts about Thanksgiving, “thankful” cards to fill out saying the things you’re thankful for this year, and more.


Looking for something for the tiny preschoolers in your life? Confessions of a Homeschooler has a nice set of printables especially for them.