Fun Summer Games

What to Buy the Grandkids for Outdoor Summer Fun

Wherever you find yourself with the grandkids this summer, it’s always fun to have something new to play with. If you’re in the market for summer outdoor play toys, here are some great choices.

Some of the larger toys require adult installation or take a bit of time to set up. Keep that in mind when selecting the perfect toy for outdoor summer play. And, keep costs in mind as some of the larger waterplay toys are expensive and meant to be used for many years to come.

Water Toys

Keep the Grandkids soaking wet and happy this summer.

Tropical Splash Compact Backyard Slide, made of commercial grade vinyl is lightweight and portable. It inflates in under a minute. Great for younger children.

Hydro Twist Pipeline Sprinkler, allows you to sprinkle your grass and keep the kids entertained at the same time. The pipeline shoots water in different directions using two water fountains and six tidal storm wiggle tubes.

Waterfall Discovery Wall is a great toy for your toddlers this summer. Watch them scoop and pour to their heart’s content. This two-sided wall is tall enough to be a water challenge for those eighteen months and above.

Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Scream, your best bet for water wars this summer. Each super soaker holds one gallon of water and has a thirty-five foot range. Keep the kids busy and wet.

Critter Catching Toys

What’s more fun than capturing and studying bugs?

Nature Bound Bug Vacuum and Critter Barn Habitat Combo Set, comes with an LED laser light, built in magnifiers in both the vacuum and the habitat. Capture bugs without touching them. Batteries included.

Parents Bug Bungalow and Magnifier Set is a hand-held bug home with an attached magnifier. The plastic door swivels both right and left to open. For ages three and up.

Bug Scene Investigator is a super-cool set of three pieces of bug-watching equipment. First there is the bugscope which allows your grandchild to observe the catch from both top and bottom, second there is a geosafari bug patrol piece which is a catch and release container. It clips to a belt or backpack, and third is the super-sleuth microscope with which to study bugs at thirty times their actual size.

Watch a Bug is a cool wrist habitat for bugs. Catch a bug and house in the breathable mesh canopy top, observe and then pop the secret leaf button to release the critter.

Outdoor Games

When everyone is dried out and ready for calmer play:

Baden Outdoor Badminton/Volleyball Set, comes with adjustable steel poles, a sturdy nylon net, four badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, and a water proof volleyball. Lots of great out of door fun.

Super Swingball is a portable tetherball-like game. Fill the case with water or sand and position on grass, sand or pavement. Attach the tennis ball and volley back and forth with the checkerback racquets. The pole can be adjusted up to 5 ½ feet high.

Three-tier Bucket Toss Game is a quick set-up. The tri-leveled buckets are made of heavy duty plastic and the game comes with eight bean bag balls. Fun for both kids and adults.

Something Different

Flashing Windmills Light Up Toys are a great alternative to sparklers for night-time fun. The windmills are equipped with color-changing LED lights and come in a set of three: red, white and blue. Great fun when the sun goes down.

The Brightest Lawn Dart Set is great after-dark fun. Set up the targets which are lighted and 17 inches in diameter. Each dart comes with twin LED lights and soft rubber tips for safe play.

Giant Jenga is the same fun wooden block puzzle game, but eight times bigger! Build the 54 blocks in three by three shapes and watch it go up to four feet tall. Then remove blocks one at a time. Careful, don’t make the tower fall.

Hide and Seek Dome Tent is perfect for indoor or outdoor. This durable tent comes with two poles and sleeves for easy set-up. It has mesh ventilation panels and one tunnel port with a Velcro closure. Provides shade on a sunny day and a quiet place to play or rest.

Are you getting excited for that visit from the grandkids? Grab one of more of the above fun items and get ready for some fun.