Stay Active, Healthy and Positive While Living in Quarantine

Living a quiet life at home sounds very good when caught up in the usual hectic pace of our daily lives. But now the time at home is getting old and we’re looking for ways to make it both manageable and enjoyable.

It’s easy, at first, to lounge around in pajamas, eat too much. It seems like a bit of a vacation to let regular chores go and to know others can’t see us so, who cares about the hair and make-up?  But if you’re like me, you want to feel productive at least part of the time and that vacation soon begins to feel like captivity.

Here’s the solution. Design a routine that works for you. Choose some of the positive activities below and build a schedule around them. Turn your lethargy into an active, healthy schedule and you’ll feel happier and more content in one of the most challenging events of our lives.

  1. Cook healthy meals

Since it’s difficult to shop for groceries and we’re often relying on online orders, be extra-careful to plan and cook healthy meals. It’s tempting to eat too many treats and let nutrition go. Here are 100 meals that are both healthy and require few ingredients.

  1. Organize and De-clutter

Most of us have the uneasy feeling that our home is a bit of a mess. We need to get rid of things, but where to begin? We have time now, so there’s no excuse, and I think you’ll find it’s actually fun to get rid of unwanted, unnecessary items once you begin. Check out Marie Kondo’s method for de-cluttering and then modify the procedures to suit your home.

  1. Get regular exercise

Stress can destroy our desire to stay fit. It can paralyze us. We may not be able to maintain our usual exercise routines which involve fitness clubs and team sports. So it’s time to be creative and just do it. You can create your own at-home exercise routine or get online and find a good old-fashioned exercise video to do from your living room. Don’t forget most of us are free to walk in our own neighborhoods if we keep a distance between us.

  1. Deep Clean

Dirt happens. The most fastidious housekeeper will need to occasionally do a deep-clean of each room. You have the time now, so what’s keeping you from a frenzy of cleaning? Why not select one room, follow the deep cleaning checklist and before you know it, you’ll have a sparkling-clean abode.

  1. Read 

Most of us enjoy a good book and usually don’t find enough time to read. Now we have nothing but time. So..

  • Read a classic you’ve always wanted to read
  • Find a new author and explore his or her writing
  • Read a bestseller
  • Explore a new genre. Maybe you’ll enjoy fantasy or romance
  • Look for an online book club
  1. Write

Have you always meant to try your hand at poetry? Do you enjoy writing thoughtfully in a journal? Do you enjoy writing to others? Take the time now to write something. Perhaps a memoir of this unique and challenging time will become a valuable family treasure.

  1. Connect with Friends and Family

This one goes without saying. We miss the family and friends who are beyond our touch at this time and for some time to come. Make the phone calls, do the video calls or send a quick note to someone you love. Maybe this is the time to strike up a renewed friendship with someone you’ve not seen in a long time. Make those connections.

  1. Watch an old or new TV series

Is there a television series you’ve always wanted to watch from beginning to end? Now is the time. Find something just right for you and go ahead a binge-watch.

  1. Rest or Nap

In times of stress it’s even more important to get adequate sleep. Most of us are worried about the effects of the virus and may be losing sleep because of that. Do your best to get good sleep at night and take a nap now and then if you need it.

  1. Take an Online Class

There is probably some skill you wish you’d learned earlier or some knowledge you wish you had. Maybe it’s time to study a bit each day and learn something new with an online class. Many are free and the accomplishment will feel very good.

In any time of crisis there are those who stand up to the challenge and those who don’t. Take stock of your situation and determine the best path for the coming weeks and perhaps months. Let’s thrive!

Fifteen Tips for Seniors Living in Quarantine

We often think of natural disasters when we contemplate a crisis. We think of hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, fires. We usually don’t think of the dangers of serious illness and the need to just stay home. What used to seem like a luxury, being home with our families, begins to take on an ominous tone—how in the world are we going to cope being cooped up like this?

And for many seniors, this will mean living alone—all the time. How to manage? Here are fifteen tips for staying positive, happy and healthy during this quarantine crisis.

  1. Stay in touch with friends and family. Make phone calls. It’s good to hear others’ voices. Try face time or video chats. This may push we seniors to use technology we’re not comfortable using, but the rewards of seeing the faces of loved ones will brighten any day. If you’re on Facebook, try Facebook Messenger.
  2. Learn something new. This is the perfect time to use one of the simple online language courses such as Duolingo or Babble. Or determine to master algebra with the Kahn Academy.
  3. Listen to music you enjoy. In the hurry of our normal lives we often miss out on the opportunity to tune out everything else and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the music we love.
  4. Write something. This is a great time to journal or blog. Write an old-fashioned letter to someone. Write about experiences that define your life. Remember, the younger generation won’t know about these experiences unless you document them.
  5. Find a way to give. Go to com to work on your vocabulary and feed the poor at the same time. Donate to a good cause. Call others who are lonely or write a message to encourage someone who is ill or depressed.
  6. It may take some creativity, but stay active in some way. Dance to a song on the radio, find an online or television exercise show and move along with it. Walk a certain number of steps each day. Keep moving.
  7. Do something artistic. You may enjoy those beautiful coloring books. Many are free online right now for those of us needing something to do. Use water paints to create or take up origami.
  8. Play online games. There are thousands of these and they’re free. They use up great quantities of time and are fun.
  9. Clean and de-clutter. What better time than now to deep clean areas of your home that have been neglected? And weed out those things you no longer want or need and place them somewhere to be given away or trashed when the quarantine is over.
  10. Most of us have some crafting projects we enjoy doing. You may start a new knitting or crochet project, finish that scrapbook or decoupage.
  11. We all enjoy eating and when we have extra time on our hands, why not bake or cook those things we enjoy most? Or, if you have the items on hand, try something new. A new soup, a fancy pastry?
  12. Never finished War and Peace? Just kidding, but reading is usually a luxury. Now that you have time, feel free to read all you want. Don’t forget you can buy those e-books if you run out of the real thing.
  13. If you’re not alone, play board games and have tournaments. Card games are also fun and can fill many enjoyable hours.
  14. Create your own some music. You may not be accomplished on the guitar or the piano, but with a bit of practice you may find you can entertain yourself nicely.
  15. Watch old films or television series. Find something you enjoy and the hours will melt away.

In times of trouble it’s important to keep a positive attitude and stay engaged. Be proactive in taking good care of yourself, your family members and your friends. Even if you need to do the caring at a distance, make the most of this remarkable time by living life fully and giving to others in this time of need.